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by YAN, M.

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ˇ@ISBN 9780060084752
ˇ@Subject FOOD & DRINK
ˇ@Publisher MORROW
ˇ@Publication 2002
ˇ@Edition Hardcover
ˇ@Version Original
ˇ@Description Martin takes you on an unforgettable culinary journey through the gates of eleven Chinatowns around the world. Visit the streets, shops, home, and restaurants you would never experience without Martin as your guide. From London to San Francisco to Yokohama, he introduces shopkeepers, chefs, and home cooks who, for the first time, share their cooking secrets. And as you travel the globe with Martin, youˇ¦ll discover how Chinese food is different in Macau, Singapore, and Sydney. Whether you end up cooking a dish at home or enjoying it in your nearest Chinatown neighborhood, Martin teaches you all you need to know about Chinese cuisine and culture. Travel with Martin Yan through a world of Chinatowns and satisfy your taste for adventure with Martin Yanˇ¦s Chinatown Cooking.
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